Cream of Courgette

I have just watched some excerpts of Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution, which made me race into my kitchen and cook some healthy food. Have you seen some it? It’s pretty addictive and shocking at the same time.

One of the healthy things I have been making a lot of recently are soups. My kids will eat anything as long as it is warm, blended and there is a possibility to dip bread into it. We call this recipe ‘Cream of Courgette’, because that apparently sounds fancier, and the experts tell me that fancy is good!

This recipe is so easy you don’t even need a real recipe. I use about 4 courgettes (Zucchini, for the people on the other side of the Atlantic) and one potato. I chop them up into slices, put them in a pan and cover slices with boiling water. I toss in a stock cube and let it cook until the courgettes are tender. Then I blend the courgettes and add enough of the cooking water to the courgette purée to give the soup a nice consistency. The children love to sprinkle some grated cheese on it — any cheese works!

I normally serve it up with some crusty bread and butter. It is the perfect meal in the evening if everyone has had a good lunch and you just need something nice and wholesome for dinner.

– Emilie


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Courtney in London
November 3, 2010

Yummm. I love soups! And so easy to make.

November 3, 2010

Looks delicious! I will be trying this recipe (crème de courgette sounds so funny said in English!). xx

November 4, 2010

We do the same with carrot instead of zucchini and a touch of onion too! Pariggiano reggiano on top and buon appetite!

November 4, 2010

Parmiggiano! Still sensitizing to ipad keys;)

November 5, 2010

We made the soup for lunch today. Thanks for the inspiration! Ours was much paler green as the marrow here in the Middle East is light light green compared to the courgette of Europe.

November 11, 2010

Do you peel the zucchini? Thanks:)

chelsea davis
November 29, 2010

going to the farmers market tomorrow – dinner will be easy! thanks!

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