In the mood for Yellow

Yet again Courtney and Esther have inspired me and I am now obsessed with the colour yellow.  You know how when you get obsessed with something, you then see it everywhere? I was strolling through my area here in Paris today and the colour yellow was everywhere, from the colour of the leaves on the trees, to the post boxes and the clothes people were wearing. I have actually never dared to dress my children in yellow,  as  they have fair, Irish skin and yellow makes then look slightly seasick. But I realised that if it is used sparingly it suits everyone and is so cheerful — it makes me smile.

Here are some of my favourite choices of yellow kids clothes in shops this season: a beautiful honey coloured cardigan from Bonpoint, the classic yellow oilskin from Petit Bateau, the skirt Esther wrote about from BB+++, the lovely leggings from the label Inge Van Den Broek that Courtney introduced me to, a simple cotton tunic from Bonton and a fabulous waistcoat from April Showers.



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Esther in Amsterdam
November 2, 2010

Welcome to the yellow fever! I bought yellow jeans and a yellow handbag for myself, a yellow cardigan for Sara (the one Courtney wrote about, it’s wonderful), yellow BB+++ tights, yellow flowers…

November 2, 2010

Love the idea of yellow jeans, I saw a girl on the metro with a pair a few days ago and they totally made her stand out of the crowd.

Sara in Melbourne
November 4, 2010

oooh, i love it all…..especially the little waistcoat. xx

November 15, 2010

[…] Emilie already pointed out, we’re all infected with the yellow fever here at Babyccino Kids! I really love these yellow […]

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