Summer or winter, always in bloom

Esther gave me these Blom paper flowers recently and I think it is such a neat gift. You can use the paper flowers in so many different ways — arranged in a bouquet or strung up as bunting (as pictured), or arranged as gift tags on presents, cake toppers on cupcakes, etc. The paper flowers come in a set of three cards with five flowers each. You simply press out the flowers and then thread them onto the florist wire (included)… and voila — you have instant flowers for any purpose.



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October 27, 2010

They’re beautiful! and no need to remember you have to water them 🙂

Emilie in Paris
October 27, 2010

Love these, amazing how little things like paper flowers can make a room look stylish…

Esther in Amsterdam
October 27, 2010

Glad you like them, in the Netherlands giving flowers is such a strong tradition — these flowers are great to send abroad!

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