10 things to have as a nursing mother

I just read this post on A Cup Of Jo and loved it — it’s a great, stylish and sensible list of must-have items for mothers with a newborn baby. I totally agree that easy, slip-on shoes and a wristwatch are essential. I also like the tip about the backpack — it has inspired me to get one, as I am sick of having a stiff back from carrying around a shoulder bag that weighs a ton. I love the retro feel of these backpacks, it reminds me of the backpack my dad had as a student in the ’60s.

I would add to this list a pashmina, as you can use it as a blanket, nursing cover and rain protection. I also am addicted to my baker boy cap as I have no free hand for an umbrella anymore. I wear it 24/7 in the cold and rainy climate I live in. What about you? Do you have any items you can recommend that make getting out and about with a newborn just a little bit easier?

– Emilie


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Esther in Amsterdam
October 27, 2010

I Love A Cup of Jo!
I’ve been nursing for the past months and I’ve never used a watch (I feed on demand). I do agree about the pashmina (or any sort of nice, big piece of fabric).
I love my Elle Macpherson nursing bras — the absolute best. (And they still look like new after the third pregnancy!)
I also love to wear stretchy black spaghetti strap vests, like that I don’t need special nursing clothes — I just pull the vest underneath my breast and lift my top, like that I’m always covered and it’s very modest & nobody notices; so much better than covering yourself with a bright patterned nursing cover that screams for attention!
For shoes — my Shabbie boots are my favourite, in this rainy / cold season.
For my hair — I love it with a fringe. For some reason it makes me look a little more pulled together even if I have it in a ponytail…

October 27, 2010

1. I completely afree on the backpack, I could not do it without one…

2. changing clothes for your baby 🙂

3. a bottle of water, thursty, dirty or anything… always handy!

no real stylish tips but I never leave he house without!

October 27, 2010

Disagree on the backpack – I ended up buying a shoulder bag as I couldn’t use my backpack unless I wore my baby in a certain wrap configuration. I only carried water, a damp flannel and a spare back-up g diaper insert, as I nursed on demand and practiced e.c. I used my Storchenwiege wrap as a blanket/cover etc.

October 27, 2010

Too funny about the baker boy cap – I am the same way.
I could not have gotten by without my Close Carrier, which enabled me to bfeed while out and about (read: while romping through hampstead heath!).
Great post xx

October 27, 2010

I completely agree on the pashmina or long scarf. I found these to be the easiest, stylish and most modest way to nurse in public. People were often surprised when I pulled my little one out from under it after a nursing session. The nursing covers that are out these days were way too much hassle. Great list!

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