Birthday Week: Courtney’s Top Five

It was tough, as always, to choose just five. But here is my selection of favourite posts from the past year…

1.)Esther’s DIY Stick Horses (pictured above) — because that is the coolest birthday idea ever… and she made those only one week after having her third baby!

2.) Emilie’s Kids Clothes in France Don’t Have to Break the Bank — because I  love that you can buy cute clothes at the grocery store in France.

3.) Mo’s Christmas book Advent Calendar — I am soooo going to copy her idea for this Christmas season (and I always love Mo’s book recommendations!).

4.) Esther’s DIY Colourful Lanterns — because we made those lanterns and I love them; they’re still sitting on my dining table and we light them on ‘special occasions’.

5.) Dina’s Listen to Them and They Just Might Listen to You — because my husband and I both read that book and it completely changed the way we want to parent our children (‘want’ is the key word — I don’t always have enough patience!).


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