Babyccino Birthday — Emilie’s Top Five

As every year, I found it so difficult to choose my top 5 favourite posts, especially as we now have, Mo, Kaela and Sara contributing so there is so much variety.

1) Courtney’s Potato Stamped Penguins (pictured above) — I love potato stamping as it is such a simple craft idea, and I especially loved Courtney’s penguins, I think they are so sweet and I can just see her family making them together.

2) Esther’s Craft Garden — I loved the way that this project came together: a craft project, an empty pizza box and a few scraps of paper lead to a completely  new project and hours of fun, I am sure.

3) Our  Barcelona weekend get away post by Marta — The first of our series of weekend get aways and I really enjoy it. It made me feel like taking my kids and jumping on a plane and enjoying a new city.

4) Dina’s Date Night — It made me laugh and reminded me about how important it is to take some time away from kids and do something for yourself.

5) Sara’s Top Things to do in Melbourne — It is so great to read about what is going on for kids in a city literally on the other side of the world from us. Sara makes Melbourne sound like a great place to be in with children.

– Emilie

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