Happy 3rd Birthday to us!

This week we celebrate our third birthday of blogging! Can you believe we’re three already? In honour of our birthday, we will be devoting the week to all things birthday-related: party ideas, decoration, birthday gifts, birthday stationery, and other festive ideas. We will also each list our five favourite posts from the past year.

But before we begin, we thought we would remind you of some of the great birthday-themed posts we’ve already mentioned here on our site…

-Give good Karma — the best gift of all

-Mo’s cute ideas for a Toadstool Tea birthday party

-Cute decorative tape from Famille Summerbelle

-These super cute candle holders will make even the plainest cake look good

-Beautiful wrapping paper from Rice

-Make your own birthday cards with these great rubber stamps

-Birthdays are even better when there’s carrot cake involved

-These crocodile clothespins look great on top of goody bags

-Mo’s animal-themed birthday party and the matching goody bag idea

-Make your own birthday bunting, or if you can’t be bothered — just buy these!

-The best birthday crowns we’ve ever seen (we each have one!)


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October 18, 2010

Happy Birthday! Hopefully this will be one of the good birthdays, with the mango martinis, rather than the Peppa Pig and sausage roll versions that I see more of these days…

October 18, 2010

Happy Birthday! I look forward to another 3 years of great blogging :o)

October 18, 2010

Here’s another previous birthday-themed post:

October 18, 2010

Happy birthday, and congratulations! Great blog!

October 18, 2010

Happy birthday (and many more…)!!!

October 18, 2010

Happy birthday ladies! Mmmmmm those cakes look good ….

October 18, 2010

Happy Birthday!
3 years… congratulations…
I am reading you for a very long time and lots of things happened, changed…
Wish you another fantastic 3 years to come!

October 18, 2010

Happy Birthday! Wow! THREE years? I’ve been recieving your newsletter for three years. I thought you all had been around longer than that! SOOO creative and professional and just plain FUN!!! I hope you ladies are able to get together at some point to celebrate!!! Bottoms up!

katie beaton
October 19, 2010

happy birthday girls, I celebrated my 30th this week too 🙂 dressed my two sons as husband up as superman, myself as wonder woman and got all my friends and family to wear lycra superhero suits too, I can highly reccomend it as a way to celebrate your birthday!
I have loved reading your blogs in my twentys and although there are some things i may need to consider leaving with my twentys (wearing lycra, staying up past 3am and dancing in 4 inch heels) I will definately take babyccino with me into my thirtys, bring it on 🙂

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