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Coloriages, by Joëlle Jolivet

Joëlle Jolivet, the French graphic designer behind one of my favourite children’s books, Zoo-ology, is really kind of amazing. Just check her website — how wonderful it all looks. It’s exactly like Paris. And that’s only her website!
Joelle has also made the most beautiful colouring book I know: Coloriages . It consists of amazing B&W graphics with, and here comes the best bit, little pull-up flaps with secret pictures behind. Mother goose can lift her wing for her three little ducklings, for instance. The windows of the house open. The queen lifts her manteau. And so forth. This book has kept my daughter entertained for hours already. She absolutely loves it! Such a pretty sight… And it makes a great present, too!

xxx Esther


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Courtney in London
October 14, 2010

I just ordered some. One for my kids, and some to have around for gifts…
So beautiful. (And we love that Zoo-ology book!)

October 16, 2010

Beyond cool!

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