Decorating a Kid’s Room — More posters

I really don’t want to become boring with my posts (you’d tell me wouldn’t you?) but I just keep finding great ideas for posters for kids rooms.  My latest finds are these fabulous vintage ‘Trooping the Colour’ posters from the (quite brilliant I must say) London Transport Museum.  I have long known about the wonderful archive of posters held by London Transport (I personally love this poster advertising the ‘Summer Sales‘) but I came about these in a funny way.  I spotted 4 different Trooping the Colour prints used on a gift-box of espresso cups and immediately thought that posters of the same would look great on my son’s bedroom wall, so I looked them up on the London Transport Museum poster website.

This poster from 1923 is my absolute favourite but I also love this one from 1922 and this one from 1930 — they’d make a great set together.

The archive is worth a browse around for any train-loving boy (does anyone know one who isn’t?) and if the Queen’s guards are not your cup-of-tea there are plenty of other great ideas.  My favourite things to put in the search box for boys are trains and if you type in park or shopping you get some beautiful prints that would look great in a girl’s room (uh-oh I’m being all gender-specific again). And if you live in London it is worth typing in your area to the search-engine — I found some great posters from around our area, which I also like as an idea.  I’m seriously going to run out of wall-space!

If you haven’t already been, the London transport Museum is definitely worth checking out with kids, see our London city guide review for more info.

-Mo. x


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Courtney in London
October 13, 2010

I love these! I want to buy the Highgate poster for our new house!
And yes, the London Transport Museum is really great…

October 13, 2010

i find a ton of inspiration from transport museum’s collection of posters…. my only problem is narrowing down which one(s). Have you seen the london zoo collection? love!

Kaela in LA
October 14, 2010

These are FANTASTIC!!!

October 14, 2010

And I want the Shepherd Bush one to remind my daughter of her roots. I had totally forgotten about these.. Thanks for the reminder

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