Give good Karma — the best gift of all

Did you know that each year in Australia close to $1 billion is spent on unwanted gifts that end up in storage, in the bin and ultimately in landfill? Isn’t it crazy? Such awful wastage!  That’s exactly how  Melbournite Ashley Rosshandler felt before setting up the Karma Currency Foundation and launched Australia’s first Online Charity Gift Voucher. It works so simply.  You log onto their website to buy a tax deductible Charity Gift Voucher for say…Christmas… and email it off to the recipient. The recipient then logs onto the website and decides which charities the donation will go toward. They can choose to protect rainforests, educate minds, find cures, rescue animals, offset their carbon or support the soup kitchen down the road… whatever charity is closest to their hearts. Such a genius concept!  I love it! I can’t imagine a more meaningful, empowering and memorable gift than spreading the karma!

– Sara


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October 5, 2010

Such a lovely idea – and especially in that you can choose any charity you like. Thank you!

Esther in Amsterdam
October 6, 2010

$ 1 billion??? That is insane!!! What a great idea!

Courtney in London
October 6, 2010

Such a great idea. I always cringe at holidays/birthdays when I see all the gifts my kids are given, many of which will end up in landfill after being used for such a short time. I would much prefer my kids to be given a charity gift voucher. And I love that the kids can then choose which charity — they make an active decision in how/whom to help.
x C

Dina in NYC
October 6, 2010

I wonder if they have something similar in the U.S,? What a nice idea!

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