Inge Van Den Broeck at I Dream Elephants

How cute are these three outfits? They come from Belgian designer, Inge Van Den Broeck, who’s design strategy has always been not to have one. Don’t you love that? You can just tell that she has her own unique style, different from so many things you see these days. I love that yellow cardigan and the red scarf, and check out these yellow leggings!

Her collection is sold exclusively at I Dream Elephants — a newly opened online boutique for children aged 0  to 8 years. The boutique also sells many of our other favourite brands and designers. I love the way they’ve mixed and matched their pieces to style outfits for little ladies, little lads and babies.



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September 28, 2010

I love my boys, but these girl outfits are just darling!
Maybe someday I will have a niece and will be able to buy such outfits!

Laura in Ludwigsburg

Dina in NYC
September 28, 2010

very stylish indeed! I never thought of a yellow-red combo but it works!

Esther in Amsterdam
September 28, 2010

VERY cute, and SO Belgian!

Emilie in Paris
September 29, 2010

Love the bright colours, I am already getting depressed seeing all the dark winter colour coming out of the closet.

November 2, 2010

[…] again Courtney and Esther have inspired me and I am now obsessed with the colour yellow.  You know how when you […]

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