Children’s Photographer Emily Ulmer

The arrival of my children triggered an obsession with capturing every important (and not so important) moment with my digital camera. My amateur photography skills have developed, though perhaps not at the same speed as my little ones. I still haven’t quite mastered the understated photographic style I’ve always loved in my favorite design and European kids magazines.
When I saw the work of children’s photographer Emily Ulmer, I was so impressed by photographs that captured the innocence of childhood, but with the added sophistication of an editorial layout. These are no Sears Portraits– no forced smiles here. Emily’s style captures the thoughtful and pensive moments as well as the sweet and silly ones.


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1. katie beaton | September 29, 2010 | Reply

so different, love these, especially the family ones, I like to do family picture christmas cards that are a bit quirky so this is right up my street. we were given a present of family portraits when my youngest was born and i have to say it was an awful experience, patronising photographer, cheesy fake smiles and just not good pictures, be good to see more photographers like this in the mainstream.

2. Esther in Amsterdam | September 30, 2010 | Reply

Beautiful pictures Kaela! Is that your bed, BTW? Love the wallpaper!