Doctor, doctor!

Last week my kids invited friends over for a play-date so I had a busy house with 4 pre-schoolers and a baby! After we had quesadillas for lunch and did some painting, the 4 friends started to fight over the only nurse-hat we have. So I made them all a doctor’s hat of their own (white paper, red marker and some staples) and some prescription notes to go with them. Hours of fun to follow! Simple does it — again.

xxx Esther


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Emilie in Paris
September 16, 2010

Super cute, simple is definetely best!

September 19, 2010

i am loving your site, i have just spent 2 hrs perusing the links, its lovely – i really like the international flavour.
hope you don’t mind but i am going to feature you in our weekend reading section, any problems with this email me.
thanks for the lovely site xx sarah hardaker

September 19, 2010

A great idea! So simple and really lovely!

Sara in Melbourne
September 21, 2010

Just gorgeous! We are on 3rd term break here so I will keep it in mind!

October 1, 2010

GREAT idea!! I am back to work now and teaching a new age, FOUR YEAR OLDS!! I shall remember this idea for the dramatic play area! Merci!!

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