Patches by Linna Morata

As you might remember I am a big fan of patches. It seriously ticks me off to throw away a good pair of trousers just because the knee has worn through or to get rid of a new sweater because there is an ugly stain on it. I love the Linna Morata patches as they are stinking cute, original and give a second life to a old or damaged piece of clothing. They also stick really well and can be washed without any problems. It is also worth surfing the entire Linna Morata website — there are so many cute things… I especially like the “Mon Super Héros” designs for boys!

– Emilie


Comments (3)

Courtney in London
September 14, 2010

So cute!

Esther in Amsterdam
September 14, 2010

These are adorable, I love the little superman!!!!!

September 26, 2010

I patch trousers too. (sometimes I think my son only crawled on his right knee!) but I thought I was the only person still to do so1 It’s nice to see I’m not alone it makes so much sense.
It’s always good to find some that stick.

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