My Formerly Hot Life

I can SO SO SO relate to this very funny book which I picked up last week as the last of my easy summer reads.  In it,  I found exactly the kind of “see-you-are-not-alone” rants about my current station in life, and thank goodness because I just had another birthday.  Stephanie Dolgoff, a New York mother of twins in her early 40s,  discusses the cons (and yet the many pros!) of the “Formerly Years” which she sums up so eloquently as the twilight years between our youth (pre-marriage, pre-kids, etc;) and the strange and emotional era that follows where we are not young and hip anymore but we still feel like we are in so many ways.

I love the brutal and hilarious honesty of her writing, and although she tends to dwell a bit too much on the un-cool physical changes we experience during the formerly years (metabolic slow down, hormonal upheaval and a need  for “sensible” shoes), I  feel a sense of peace that I am not alone with my own struggles as a “Formerly”.   To this day, I still silently yearn for  someone to gasp in shock when I walk down the street with my two girls – to say to me….”Whoa, what do you MEAN you are not the babysitter?  You!?!?  Impossible. Not a chance.”

It’s a quick and very funny read and I would definitely recommend it to all moms out there — especially ones, like me, who don’t know where the last few years have gone.  Available on Amazon .



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September 14, 2010

My CURRENTLY hot wife would love this.
I’ll click through the Amazon link, but will be purchasing on hopefully you still get the affiliate credit.

September 15, 2010

Sounds like a cool read…I will try to get it. Just finished the Help, while on holiday in Andalusia, (which was recommended on this website)…loved the fact that I was away on holiday experiencing another culture and also thinking about another era in the south of the US.

Gina barac
November 17, 2010

This book makes me feel so much better. Although I still have not finished this easy read, I pick it up every time I am having one of those moments where I feel I have totally lost myself in the world of motherhood and the book consoles me and makes me laugh! A very fun read for all women! Thanks for the recommendation!

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