Citronille swimmers

One of my favourite things about summertime (apart from sun, holidays and chilled rosé) is seeing my kids running around wearing nothing much at all. They look so free without shoes, coats, jumpers and long trousers! Earlier this summer I picked up this pattern from Citronille to make my girls some little swimmers.  They are really adorable and the easiest thing I have ever made. I think it must have taken me about ½ an hour to put them together. They use very little material so I just used up scraps I had lying around.

I know this post is a bit late as the summer is almost over in the northern hemisphere, but there might still be some warm days coming up. There are also so many parts of the world were the sun shines every day. (I am so envious of you people living in those parts of the world, by the way…)

– Emilie


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Esther in Amsterdam
September 9, 2010

This is perfect THANK YOU!

September 23, 2010

can this be a CUTER pic? LOVE the shooting location!

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