I know I live in France but sometimes it is nice to have some bread other than a baguette. I found this recipe for Foccacia the other day and it is great. It is by one of my favourite cooks and food writers, Nigel Slater, who has written some fabulous recipes for the Guardian.  It is super easy to make and completely delicious.  I even got my children and some of their friends to get involved and they loved slapping and prodding a piece of dough…  great way of getting some dough kneaded.

The great thing about Foccacia is that you can garnish it with whatever you have handy in your kitchen: cherry tomatoes cut in half, cheese, olives, any kind of herb or just plain salt and olive oil. I do love this kind of recipe — it’s super simple and whatever you do with it, it always turns out great.

– Emilie


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September 15, 2010

Hello EmiIie,
I do have the recipe at home as well! I love the Observer magazine especially Nigel Slater’s cooking section. I agree with you that the recipe is really tasty and easy to bake. They are one of the most popular dish in our house.

September 23, 2010

this was THE most delicious focaccia that i have ever tasted hands down 😉

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