Igloo Zoo

No matter the weather, every Friday after school my children and I head down to Igloo Zoo for a fix of creamy frozen yogurt. YUM-OH! We patiently wait behind the hoards of teenage schoolkids who are equally excited. It is pure decadence and relatively sinless (I figure) given that it is made with real yogurt (live cultures) is 99.5% fat-free, high in antioxidants and low in sugar. There are 4 flavors on offer — original, green tea, cocoa and pomegranate. As an incentive (not that we need one) they offer an array of amazing accoutrements like organic kaffir, lime biscotti, white chocolate, pomegranate seeds, passion fruit puree, halva (a middle eastern treat made from sesame seed), choc-covered goji berries, lychee and a host of other treats. Admittedly, I usually eschew the more exotic toppings in favor of good old triple choc crunch, passion fruit puree and coconut…beyond divine!

If you are visiting Melbourne, the Gold Coast or Sydney check out locations here ! If you live elsewhere in the world and you are hankering for your own sampling of Igloo Zoo  — I apologize profusely for the tease!

– Sara


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September 2, 2010

sounds good! TOO good 😉

Dina in NYC
September 3, 2010

yet another reason why I just need to pack my bags and move to Australia already!!! it was cruel of you share this with me….we have NOTHING like this in NYC. so not ok…

October 6, 2010

Ooooh as luck would have it we have just moved to Sydney so I think we’ll be popping into Igloo Zoo super soon for a delicious treat with the kiddies. Thanks for the tip!

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