Eponime, beautiful baby wear

Eponime is a French baby brand that I just love giving to newborn babies. Designed by Fanny Chretien, a young talented designer based in Normandy, these baby beauties are seriously something else. The designs are simple, but absolutely exquisite and the fabrics are beautiful, natural and soft with gorgeous prints. And they are functional too! As far as I’m concerned, Eponime hits the nail on the head with original, elegant and luxurious baby wear. Bring on more babies, friends!

xxx Esther


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August 23, 2010

So cute! Love them!

August 23, 2010

So cute, so French. I love this label. Thanks for alerting me to it! x x x

Courtney in London
August 23, 2010

Oh my gosh, it’s all so, so cute. Exactly how a baby should be dressed.
I agree — will people please have more babies!!! I’ll be so sad when our ‘baby phase’ is finished.

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