I love, love, love this! I keep berating myself for having not conjured it up in one of my brainstorming sessions (honestly I am still hopeful that one day I will invent the next ‘lego’). In the meantime, I just marvel at gems like these… it reminds me that the simplest of ideas are the best — a game powered by imagination rather than a USB cable! Think-ets is so simple in concept — a little pouch of random, very charming ‘trinkets’ from around the world. Along with the pouch comes rules for a few games, such as “I’ll take one away, and you tell me which one is missing”, or “Make a story about the item you’re holding” — educational in so many ways, inspiring story-telling, testing memory and just fun for kids to fiddle with.

The idea is to keep the pouch handy in your handbag or car so that when you need something to entertain or pass the time, you have them on hand. I imagine they would be perfect for taking with you on travel, while waiting for that elusive waiter or in waiting rooms — anywhere kids get antsy, bored or wound-up! Oh… and no two sets are alike so they can be collected and even swapped! I can so imagine my kids loving this. You can order them online; worldwide shipping available. Just click here.

(Image from LMNOP)

– Sara


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August 16, 2010

Oh great, I have to have this… we are travelling so much that I am always looking for little handy games…this is perfect!
Thank you! xxx

August 16, 2010

You’re right – they are great. Thanks for the heads up!

August 16, 2010

I liked it until I read that no 2 sets are alike – I love it now! It’s a fab idea and great for the encouraging the ol’ imagination – not just in the kids who seem to have wonderful powers of imagination but more in the parents!

Esther in Amsterdam
August 16, 2010

So cool!! Does the tin come with it? My kids would love this!! And yes, GREAT for travelling!!

August 16, 2010

That is a great idea!!

Sara in Melbourne
August 17, 2010

Hey Esther – I’ve only seen it in a pouch but I guess it must…x

katie beaton
August 17, 2010

love this, that said I probably have an equally random selection of trinkets at teh botttom of my handbag anyway… 🙂

February 12, 2011

The genius version of the Think-Ets come in a tin. The “regular” versions (red,green,blue, purple) are in an organza bag. We have these in the UK at £8.99 in the craft section at


March 31, 2012

I would love to have some of these. I am making I spy bottles for my granddaughters. I have one for each letter of the alphabet but it is very difficult to find tiny objects like this. love it!

May 25, 2013

Love this! Going to try to make my own with some of the little toys we have laying around.
Pinned it!

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