Craft garden

Do you remember those cool rock animals Courtney made with her boys a while ago? I’ve been meaning to make them with my daughter ever since, and we’ve been building up quite a collection of stones. Yesterday we finally decorated them, and it was easy and such fun! My creative daughter insisted on adding a gold-fish, and when we were done with the animals she thought it was a good idea to make them a little garden to roam around in. With a fish pond, obviously, and some waterlilies, for the frog. And flowers, for the bee. It turned out nicely, and my daughter has been playing with it for hours and hours. Not bad for some pebbles and an old pizza box!

xxx Esther


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August 4, 2010

That is so stinkin’ cute! And I think my tot would love a pet rock.

Courtney in London
August 4, 2010

This is so cute! I’m so impressed with your rocks too.

August 4, 2010

Great rainy-day idea for my girls while we are on holiday!

katie beaton
August 5, 2010

love this…officially my next project, we always collect stones and shells from days trips and they just end up around the house in pots, finally a use for them! though we just threw away pizza boxes from tuesday night, will just have to order pizza again 🙂

August 5, 2010

fantastic and give your creative daughter a little hug… well done! i will copy…

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