The Perfect First Shoe

I am indeed a big shoe fan, especially when I come across shoes as adorable and as clever in design as these! Handmade from one piece of leather and with no seamline, these All About Heidi shoes are ingenious… yet they look beautifully raw. Created by a mum from Bondi Beach in Sydney, they are the ideal first shoes. Not only does the soft buttery leather act like a ‘second skin’ for baby while she takes her first steps, but to ensure a perfect fit, the shoe can be adjusted for width by loosening the leather ties on the toes. So very clever! There are various gorgeous colors, and upon request are available for older children and adults too. Available for international shipment through online retailer DragonflyToys.

– Sara


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Dina in NYC
July 30, 2010

so adorable! I love the colors!

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