Ferm Living Wallpaper

I am in the midst of redoing our little holiday cottage in France. It is a VERY slow moving process as every summer  I only have time to do a small part, but it is fun and gives me a great excuse to day dream all year long. It also means I spend a lot of blissful time leafing through interior decoration magazines and surfing the web, dreaming up different room ideas.

I stumbled over the Ferm Living Wallpapers the other day and now I am revisiting all my decoration decisions in my head. I got especially excited when I realised that they had a great kid’s selection, with some beautiful designs both for girls and boys rooms. Do have a look at the great Rush Hour wallpaper for boys and the Dotty wallpaper for girls. And even if you are not planning to wallpaper a room, Ferm Living also have a fabulous rage of wallstickers for kids.

– Emilie


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July 24, 2010

I really like the wall stickers on this website!!! great find.

Sara in Melbourne
July 28, 2010

Great wall papers! I love the one pictured in your post!

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