Giant Bubbles

I just read this post about how to make girant bubbles on Bambino Goodies and I am hooked. Imagine making huge bubbles out of hula hoops and bent, metal coat hangers? I seriously cannot imagine anything more fun. I personally recommend adding in a couple spoonfuls of sugar. Who knows why… but it makes the bubbles even stronger. I am now off to my local pharmacy to pick up a bottle of glycerine and some non-eco washing up liquid to produce the perfect bubble!

– Emilie


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July 13, 2010

Never heard the sugar tip before, I shall try it out next time we make bubbles! Thank you for linking to my post, Kat x

July 14, 2010

I also read BG post recently. Been trying to track down some Glycerine for a couple of days but so far no luck. Sugar I have, so will add that too when I finally get to make them.

mary corri
July 14, 2010

hi thanks did some googling and in this website syrup or tempera for coloured bubbles too!!

Esther in Amsterdam
July 15, 2010

Those coloured bubbles sound like fun too! I’m definitely going to try this!!

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