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When I think back to all of the useless things that I bought when I had my twins I literally cringe. I had it all…the Bumbo seat, the baby food ice tray storage, TWO of those ridiculous rainbow Whoozit things that you hang on the stroller and my god, I even had a baby wipes warmer!  The best purchase that I made to date, far and above anything else, was our Mountain Buggy Double Stroller which I still use to this day.  While the stroller is ideal for twins, it is also great for two kids under four as it allows for a variety of seating options.  They even make a triple stroller in the event that you have three little ones to push about (yikes).  Although I love the look of the Phil and Ted’s double stroller — I was never a huge fan of having one poor kid wedged at street level.  The Urban Double also has a great “peek-a-boo” window so you can see the kids and they can see you!

For someone who has tried every stroller in the book, I can’t say enough good things about this one…it’s durable, commanding, stylish and functional and I have never once had an issue.  There is a place to stick a cell phone, a cup of coffee and enough storage underneath to go camping for a week.   And best yet — it looks like they are available globally….



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July 7, 2010

I had this stroller for my two boys, and I agree it was the best purchase. It fit through standard doors, and was the most sturdy and comfortable stroller. I, too, did not want to put my baby below like in some models; I wanted them side by side. For twins, it is the best investment. We were also able to store in our hall closet so that it didn’t take up too much room. Great storage at the bottom and it was suitable for a newborn as well! Finally, the wheels turned really well and worked in an urban area, going up lots of curbs and sidewalks. It also fit in our passat wagon so we could get it in and out of the car easily.

Esther in Amsterdam
July 7, 2010

Haha, I didn’t even know a baby wipe warmer existed!! I do have a Dumbo seat too though (and actually used it)! I loved the Phil and Ted but I agree, if you have twins, it’s nice to have them next to each other. I would have loved to have twins!

Rebekah in New Zealand
July 9, 2010

Thanks for this post – we are having twins in October and I have been trying to decide the best buggy to get. This one was my pick but its good to hear how people have found it. Do you have any other tips and ideas on what is useful for twins?

Dina in NYC
July 9, 2010

Hi Rebekah – I am thinking of putting together a post of all the stuff that I found useful when having twins. I just put together a list for a friend of mine and this stroller is a must have – especially if you like to walk. I used it from the time they were teeny and believe it or not – just put them in the regular seats (the bed contraption was kind of a waste).

July 15, 2010

We got this stroller for your twin daughters. This was alsoour best purchase. They are 2.5 now and still use it and it is just great.

Kelly Cooper
July 18, 2010

Hello all. We also used this for our twins, Summer and Bobby and it was fantastic as we live on a farm and the twice daily ‘off roading’ walks were a dream. I used to use the carry cots in the early days in which ever room I was in to settle them down for their naps too.. We did, however, need to buy an estate car to fit it in the boot! We’re expecting our third child in a couple of weeks and are selling our buggy with all extras if anyone wants one in mint condition for £350. (kellyjcooper@mac.com).

August 4, 2010

What about Chicco’s Cortina Together? Has anyone got something to say about this stroller?

Courtney in London
August 4, 2010

We got the Phil & Teds and I really loved it. I didn’t mind that one child sat under the other. In fact, it seemed my boys were always fighting over the lower seat!

xo C
p.s. I can’t believe you bought a wipes warmer!! 🙂

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