The Bergstein Boot

I was beyond excited to discover Bergstein Gumboots from Holland were now available in Melbourne! With torrential downpours of late (which we are so thankful for, especially after years of drought and serious water dam deficits…) we have even had plenty of opportunity for frolicking in puddles and sloshing in the mud!  Apart from looking gorgeous in an array of bright colours (just check out that Lime!), the Bergstein gumboots are a durable shoe. Each boot is completely cotton lined for comfort, has a rippled safety sole to limit slip on wet surfaces and there’s even a reflective strip on each heel for added safety.  The ‘Bergsteins’ are the first product from new online retailer Little Elk which owner Sally Clifford plans to expand over time into a small and exclusive selection of  products — items that are stylish, timeless, fresh, simple and expressive, gathered from around the globe. Yes, I’m loving the sound of it already!

– Sara


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June 28, 2010

great colors!!!!! thanks for the tip. need to track these down

June 29, 2010

These boots are really fantastic, I think we own a pair in every size and colour!

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