Big Boy Pop-Up Book

Pop-Up books today are not like the ones I grew up with, that’s for sure. Last year I picked up this Matthew Reinhart Star Wars pop-up book for one of my friend’s sons who happened to be obsessed with Star Wars and I was simply blown away by it. The book itself is packed with the most artistic, intense and downright amazing 3-D pop-ups I have ever seen!  It’s the type of book that a child could sit with again and again as it also has a bunch of hidden flaps to explore and tons of information. 

You should check out the Matthew Reinhart website to get a sense of what lurks inside and be sure to check out his full collection if pop-ups as they are all pretty incredible.



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June 29, 2010

Very cool, I would want to have a peek in it myself!! I love those intricate 3D pop-up books — I gave the Jungle Book one to Michela’s son a few years ago. She wrote about it here. It’s really cool too…

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