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June 23, 2010

It’s not always easy finding the right balance of ‘cool’ and ‘classic’ for my son.  He has strong ideas about what he likes to wear, which still surprises and amuses me — he is only 4 after all! Apparently ‘grey’ is cool but anything neutral is ‘so not cool Mum’. Enter Sudo, a hip Melbourne brand for girls and boys aged 2-12 that we both like. It is ‘cool’ enough for him — he likes to sport the rebel rocker vibe which I am not so partial to ( I am still not sold on skinny jeans for boys but Sudo’s rocker boy jeans, my son’s favorites, I can just about cope with). But also, much of the collection still retains a ‘classic’ enough look for me — lovely lightweight linen shorts and fine muslin shirts!  Think ‘preppy’ with a rocker edge! Practical and durable too. One particular pair of unfortunate grey marle shorts has been subjected to multiple rounds of Napisan and survived. Completely intact. A big plus in my books.

Sudo is available at retailers throughout Australia and internationally at many online retailers — just click here.

– Sara

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