Goki Racing Cars

The more I have researched for our boys theme week, the more I realize that there are some great boy toys out there, most of which I had never noticed! And so I have discovered the Goki range of toy racing and pedal cars. I simply love everything about these cars — their look, their design and their playing potential.

I can completely imagine children spending hours zooming around on one of these, as they are super easy to steer and push. It must be impossible not to feel like Lewis Hamilton on one of these.

Goki also make some great pedal cars; my absolute favourite is the fire truck, which comes with a ladder, a hose and a bell! The Goki cars are available from Madame la Marchande, a brilliant online toy shop.

– Emilie


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June 22, 2010

My son would totally love this!

June 23, 2010

By boys would LOVE that car! So cool.

September 6, 2010

I confirm, boys love that car!!
My son got one of those racing cars, he feels so cool when he’s in it! His daddy like it too, it makes him remember hi younger days!
I got the car on:

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