A week devoted entirely to BOYS!

While it wasn’t intentional, we have noticed that the past few months on Babyccino have been heavily girl-oriented — girlie shoes, dresses, dolls, prints, etc. — and we’ve received quite a few emails lately asking for more emphasis on the male gender.  So, we’ve decided to make up for it and devote an entire week to boys!!!

This week we’ll be digging up some cool new boy products, our favourite books for boys, and other fun ideas.  But before we launch into the new tips, we thought it was worth re-mentioning some of our favourite boy products already reviewed here on Babyccino Kids.

1.) The Bonz Construction Kits from Curious Toys (still one of my boys’ favourite toys).
2.) The cool gingham shirts from Bobinette (so Dutch, so cool).
3.) The robot dish set from La Chaise Longue.
4.) Cool shirts designed especially for boys from Two Blue Cars.
5.) The Rubbabu toy car — squishy and bouncy and perfect for littler boys.
6.) The TomTect construction set for little future architects.
7.) Babysusu — a darling clothing brand devoted entirely to boys.
8.) The PlanToys Wooden drum — for pleasant-sounding banging.
9.) The super cool Automoblox cars (collect all of them!).
10.) The entire Plan City set-up from PlanToys.
11.) The beautiful, wooden streamliner cars from Playsam.
12.) The wooden toys from top German toymaker Fagus.


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June 21, 2010

Jay! Bring on the boys toys!

June 21, 2010

Yippie, brilliant idea! Me and my little boy are looking forward to your ideas!

katie beaton
June 21, 2010

ooh thank you girls 🙂

June 21, 2010

Yay! So excited to see what you have in mind….I love having a little boy! Thanks for doing this!

June 21, 2010

thank heavens and about time too! it’s been lovely reading about the surfeit of groovy girl stuff (particularly the masses of clothes, books, toys etc etc), but boy do our boys need equal airtime! (particularly clothes – doesn’t anyone do cool boys clothes for a reasonable price? why is it all stripes, more stripes, a few more stripes and animals?)

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