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June 18, 2010

I think most households I know have a ‘no shoes in the house’ policy. Some are more rigourous than others, but I think the general consensus is that distributing street dirt around the house is generally a bad idea (especially in Paris, where we do have the infamous dog poo problem). The problem is that kids nowadays tend to have a lot of shoes and they tend to end up in a massive pile in the entryway. There have been many play dates where I have lost some serious time trying to find my childrens’ shoes in the pile.

Cue the shoe stickers by Emily Press… a super simple idea that I have never heard of before! You just stick the personalised, adhesive stickers into the heal of the shoe and all is well. These are also great for gym shoes that are notorious for being lost, especially as they do all look identical. It’s a great way for my eldest daughter to find her shoes by looking for her name, whilst the youngest just looks out for the little design on the label. In her case, if she sees a skull and crossbone, she knows she has found her shoe.

– Emilie

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June 22, 2010

Emilie, we have something similar in my children’s shoes… great for school shoes as when they take them off at school, they all look the same – the kids can easily identify them!

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