If you live in Melbourne and you parent a tween girl then you are unlikely to need an introduction to ‘Smiggledom’ — after all, the Smiggle craze is rife down under, even infiltrating our schools. And, judging by the whims of my 8-year-old and her posse of friends, it is not disappearing anytime soon. So what is ‘Smiggle’, this tween sensation, also coveted by high-school and university students? Smiggle is the name of some extremely fashion-forward and innovative stationery — it is synonymous with great design, great value, bright colors and cool graphics; being coordinated and being eco aware.

I must concede that I, a 30 something mother of two,  am not entirely immune to the Smiggle craze (I invested in the brilliant Cuattro Maxi Pen — a red pen, blue pen, mechanical pencil and highlighter all in one). I also love checking out their amazing concept stores, a kaleidoscope of bright colors and yummy smells, just beckoning you in.

The fact that Smiggle has become somewhat of  a ‘fashion accessory’ for the young I find a little irksome, perhaps because I try to encourage my daughter to save her pocket money and she, once a money-savy-saver, now chooses to spend it on the latest Smiggle chuchka’s. On the other hand, with their all-new sleek designs I really have to ask myself — who can blame her?

If you love funky stationary and you can’t make it to one of their concept stores in Australia, Smiggle is now shipping world-wide!  Check it out here.

– Sara


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June 16, 2010

Thank goodness for Smiggle when you want to find a birthday gift for those very same young girls. it is always a winner. thanks for the suggestion.

June 16, 2010

I love their battery operated pencil sharpers. I keep one in the bathroom for my makeup pencils.

Jessica Bonasia
February 11, 2011

Dear Smiggle,
Hi I’m Jess I’m a BIG fan.
It’s my birthday in 2 days and I all ready have heaps of
Smiggle but I need more HEAPS MORE!
I realy want to enter the competition because I’m just
the biggist fan ever.When it’s my friends or sisters birthday I get them something from you’re shop.
My Uncle always get’s me something from Smiggle when we go out I’m really spiolt.
LOVE you’re shop. See you soon

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