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May 23, 2010

I can spot a new kids snack a mile off — it’s like I smell something new in the air as soon as I enter the supermarket.  I spotted Bear yo-yos last year and immediately my fruit-loving daughter was a fan.  Now we are all fans of the Bear snacks (I especially love the Cocoa Cherry Pie nibbles).  They are not just for children — their selection of nibbles are delicious combinations of fruit and granola and come in bags that are all under 100cals — so perfect for my 4pm sugar-fix.

Bear was started by personal trainer, Hayley, last year in an attempt to find a tasty alternative to chocolate, biscuits and treats — clearly a lady with my needs in mind!  She chose the name ‘Bear’ after she read an article which said that bears who had found their way into cities and therefore foraged for foods in bins behind fast-food joints ended up being 30% fatter and 30% less active then their wild counter-parts.  They also died younger.

So Bear produce all their nibbles as nature intended — no fiddling, no air-freight fruit and fairly-traded.  You can buy Bear goodies through Ocado.

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June 8, 2010

[…] I read about Bear natural nibbles on Babyccino (Mo, you always find the best stuff!) I made a mental note to try some out as soon as possible. I […]

June 8, 2010

My kids love these, perfect healthy snacks and easy to carry round in the individual packets – I would highly recommend them

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