Bugaboo Bee, the coolest buggy on the block!

Lucky me! Because I’m in Amsterdam — the home of the world famous Dutch company Bugaboo, I have already gotten my hands on the shiny new version of the Bugaboo Bee. And I’m loving it!! Even though my baby isn’t here yet, I’ve tested it already on my 3-year-old boy, who will have a hard time parting with it when his little sister is born.
Besides the fact that the Bee is cool because it’s modern, innovative and original, it’s also amazingly small, lightweight and easy to maneuver. At the same time it’s super complete: it’s a fully equipped pushchair that can be used from newborn up to around age four!
The seat, which can recline completely and is ergonomically designed to be suitable from birth, can be put either rear facing or forward facing in a few simple steps (the new design greatly improved as opposed to the old one, where reversing the seat took a masters degree in space-ship engineering). It may (but doesn’t have to) be taken off completely in the case you want to use it with just the car seat, which easily clips on. But, there’s no annoying dismantling in two parts before you can fold the buggy — it folds flat with seat and all, in one part and in one movement… easy peasy.  Even the grandparents got it immediately.
I must say, after two babies and three pushchairs, this IS the most versatile, handy buggy we’ve had so far!!!
More to come on the Bee after I’ve had the baby…

xxx Esther


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May 14, 2010

We bought the bee 1 1/2 ago and LOVE it. I’ve checked out all the buggies (Bob, Chameleon etc…) and this is by far the best one for a bazillion reasons. There’s no need for 3 buggies when you’ve got the bee!

May 14, 2010

I’m so jealous. I couldn’t convince my husband that we needed yet another buggy (and it’s true — we have so many already!), but I really love the look of the Bugaboo Bee. How great that it folds all in one — how perfect for traveling.

Can’t believe you’ll have a baby soon!!!!!!

May 14, 2010

This looks way cool. I just gave our original Bugaboo away and it looks like the equivalent of an Atari 800 next to this one. I actually loved the Bugaboo as it was perfect for city streets but it just wasn’t portable.

May 15, 2010

we have one for a bit over 2 years now and the new baby will go in there very soon as well…it is so handy (specially in big cities), light weight and beautiful…

May 15, 2010

gosh, it looks so cool and easy to maneuver when out and about the city!
Pity I just can’t justify another pushchair…my Mclaren will have to do this time around…So jealous!

May 15, 2010

i have to disagree. i loved the idea of the bee, hoped the new bee would have the seat that you can “lift”, ie, make it higher, bring it closer to you, especially for the new born. but it didnt have this rumoured feature. also, i did not like the baby cocoon at all. not well paded, baby has to be strapped w harness… major drawbacks i think

May 16, 2010

If I want to bring the baby up higher and closer to me I usually use a sling, not a buggy ;-).
Will let you know how I go along with the cocoon, I think it looks sweet and it’s nicely padded as far as I can tell. But I’ll let you know how it goes when the baby is there. So far the Bee really rocks!!!

May 16, 2010

Esther! You are the buggy queen, you have tested all shapes and sizes! The bee looks perfect, all the advantages of the Bugaboo with more flexibility!

May 17, 2010

I have just bought a Red Castle pram for my little one and I love it (do you know the French brand?) but if/when I have a second baby, I’d like to try the Bugaboo Bee. So many mums in Paris have that pushchair and I love the way they look (design + easy to manoeuvre). I cannot wait to hear your feedback. Bonne journée!

May 17, 2010

I was devastated when someone stole my car – complete with my fabulous iCandy Pear pram… I was however consoled by opportunity to purchase a Bee as its replacement.
I love it so much that I would send the thieves a thank you card if I could :-).
After 2 big bulky prams the Bee is fab for negotiating the pavements & puddles in Manchester!
Hope the baby likes it as much as you.

May 26, 2010

I love the bee as well, particularly this sunny yellow. If we have another baby we will definitely go for it. I had the cameleon before with my daughter and “lend/ gave” it to my nephew….. I really like Bugaboo, their designs, style, even the website with the city guides. Did you check the new video clip for RED? I think 1% percent of their profits go to fight aids.

June 3, 2010

Hi Esther, I hope everything is going well with you and your baby! I was just wondering how it was working out with the Bee? I’m torn between it and the Cameleon. Help! x

June 10, 2010

Hi Lucy, sorry for the late reply, I’m still in baby mood, everything takes twice as long!!
I love the Bee! It’s very small, and light, and easy to fold. No complaints, except that probably for the first month the Cameleon will provide more comfort because it has a real ‘bed’. Now I cheated a little with the Bee, I made a little bed in it and don’t use the straps, because I really find Ava too small to be strapped in. And it works perfect like this.
Besides that, the Bee rocks and I think I’ve heard people who owned both the Cameleon AS the Bee prefer the Bee… But of course, they are both great pushchairs. I would say that the Bee is perfect for city dwellers that move and travel around a lot. If space and easiness to fold etc is not so much an issue, than the Cameleon will give more comfort for the first weeks. (BTW, the Bee looks VERY cool!!)

January 9, 2011

Just wondering if you have any suggestions of online retailers in the Netherlands?

Esther in Amsterdam
January 9, 2011

Hi Monique, why don’t you try… Good luck!

October 8, 2012

I realise this post is waaay out of date now but I am expecting my first on 2 March 2013 and am already obsessed with trying the find ‘the perfect pram’! I have always loved the look of the Bee and live in London so its size seems ideal. But I am not overly keen on the cacoon for a newborn and the seat does seem very low down. I would love to know how you made a little bed in the Bee for the first few weeks and also whether it would still be your number one choice (I am also considering the iCandy Strawberry for example)?
Thank you so much and PS I love this blog, it has become a three times daily read looking through new and old posts! I never though the baby blogs would compare with the wedding blogs but this one does, so thank you!

Esther in Amsterdam
October 8, 2012

Hi Abbi, no worries! I know how obsessive one can become, looking for the perfect pram! 🙂
I really like the Bee for it’s size (tiny), the fact that you can fold it so easily and in one part, and the fact that it’s so SUPER light and easy to manoeuvre. It’s perfect for city life. I must say that I personally agree that the first few weeks it is not ideal. I felt that I had to use the straps to secure my baby in the cocoon and they were SO big on her tiny body… So I came up with a structure where I secured the cocoon itself with the straps and put the baby in the cocoon un-strapped. But soon enough babies get bigger and then there is no issue any more, the straps are fine to use, and I really liked the cocoon. (I think you will also find that you will use the sling almost exclusively the first weeks — so cosy!). I also like the fact that the cocoon is such a small accessory — we don’t have much storage room in our house… We’ve used the Bee for over 2 years now and still love it. I will need to re-build it again for the new baby soon (with cocoon!)
I was never bothered by the fact that the seat was low down, I never even noticed it.
I hope this helps! Good luck with your choice!
xxx Esther
PS thanks for your kind words, and enjoy your pregnancy!! xx

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