Decorating a kids room (part 1)

We are in the process of buying our first home after 13 years of renting.  For the girl who was still playing ‘house’ when she was 13 (!) this is a big deal.  Most evenings I drift into sleep dream-decorating and imagining how each room will look.  The room that gets most of my ‘dream’ time is the kids’ bedroom.  It is a small room but we have decided to put our 2 children in together — they like each other’s company and we like the idea of having a spare room for guests with the other bedroom.  Over the next weeks I’m sure I will be posting various of my dream-decorating ideas but yesterday I made one of these ideas a reality — uh huh… I have made the first purchase for the room.

I found these lights from Swedish company, Nud Collection in Skandium. They are such a simple idea but beautifully executed (isn’t it always the way with good ones!).  Textile cables with a porcelain lamp holder which takes an E27 light bulb*. My idea is to get 5 or 6 different colours (and my do they do great colours!) and group them together hanging them at different heights for a ‘chandelier’ effect.

* E27 light bulbs come in great shapes and sizes — I have gone for huge 125mm globe ones that you can buy here. You can also buy Nud lights from Pedlars online (for a different assortment of colours).  For a list of where they are sold globally check their website.
-Mo. x


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April 24, 2010

Such a cool idea!
I am exactly the same as you… staying up late dream-decorating the whole room in my mind before I even begin.

I can’t wait to see your new place. I have no doubt it will be uber, uber cute!

xx C

April 27, 2010

ditto! Great idea…I just got a jielde lamp in red for my boy’s room and a pink eKartell to hang on my girl’s wall…I just love this dream-decorating process right now…wish I was a better decorator though…! Thanks for all these useful tips BTW, this place is a must before I go to work!

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