Nina, a little pupetta born from pieces of cloth…

nina2“Her body is made of natural hemp fabric, her cloak of red wool & her face sown in black cotton. Almost invisible to many, she’s sometimes filled with sweet melancholy without knowing why, other times she’s exuberant, or plays lazily with her precious little pearls, or dances the “Twist” with reels of cotton. Nina moves around, exploring Inside and Out, observing and reflecting. She asks questions bigger than herself (she’s only biscuit size…), questions forgotten somewhere. Nina exists only if you see her, and not everyone can.”

She’s created by Eloise Morandi, and shows up in different places, but the easiest way to catch her is by way of the little rag books, all hand-made  and unique, and dreamily wonderful. The level of detail is amazing.

Curious? Check out the blog ‘Nina and other little things’…

xxx Esther


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April 13, 2010

…. i wonder if you can order the little book direct from her? thank you so much for this post – it’s exactly why i love this blog so much.

April 13, 2010

Thanks Gabrielle 😉
I’m pretty sure you can order the book, just send her an email…!
(her address is on her blog)

tina nash
April 28, 2010

Hello! The artworks are so sweet and original! I wonder if I can by then in London.
thank you
[email protected]

April 29, 2010

Hi Tina,
Yes, aren’t they sweet!
Again, I think it’s best to email Eloise and ask her for retailers…
xxx Esther

March 17, 2011

Hello!!! Just want to tell you that Nina has very very new little things!
a big hug to everybody.


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