Coola Sun Care

Is there anything more mentally taxing then applying sunscreen to small kids? I love the summer and all, but the one thing that really causes anxiety during the morning routine is when we have to apply sunscreen to the family. I hate it.  The chase….The begging them to stand still…The sudden jerky movements while you try to rub the pasty lotion back to the color of skin tone.   I am sure you have all been there.

In the past I have opted for the spray-on kind but I have found that they are very drying and don’t protect nearly as well as the thicker lotions.  A friend of mine from home had told me about Coola Sun Care and I decided to pick some up before heading out on vacation this year… and so glad I did! It’s a lotion but it is not greasy and it rubs in very quickly! It’s also made with 100% organic ingredients but it’s not holier-than-thou about it. I really like the simple sleek packaging and they carry a full line for the body, face and lips. So far it’s the best sunscreen that I have come across and I am definitely loading up on it for the summer months!



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March 30, 2010

I soooo hear you on the agony of applying sunblock to kids. It is exhausting.

I was so happy to come back to London and be rid of sunblock and insect repellent!

March 30, 2010

How’s the odor? Some of the kids sunscreeens are really stinky!

March 30, 2010

Christine – it does not smell like sunscreen at all! another huge plus! should have mentioned that. the unscented one has zero smell.

April 1, 2010

No smell? I can’t wait. The worst is that I after applying I walk around all day with the odor all over me.

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