Folkmanis puppets

folkmanis shark puppetWhat is it about puppets? I feel like there isn’t a single kid out there who doesn’t love them. My boys were each given a Folkmanis hand puppet for Christmas last year and it was by far their favourite gift. In fact it was the one toy they insisted we bring with us on our trip to Australia — which means we traveled around the globe with an alligator and a shark in tow!

Anyway, I can surely vouch for the quality of the puppets and also the appeal, as my kids carried those puppets everywhere and never got bored of playing with them.

Folkmanis is an award-winning American company which has been making puppets since 1976. They now offer more than 200 different puppets, all carefully detailed to look like realistic creatures.  Which means there’s a puppet for every child’s special interest, from sharks to birds to bugs…



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March 29, 2010

I am heading off to New Zealand on Wednesday with two children on my own. My dread is actually making me feel a little ill. Here’s hoping my fears are just as you say, worse than the real thing. Wish me luck

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