hipkidsWilliamsburg is seriously as cool as it gets. In fact, I used to joke with a friend of mine that they should just plaster a picture of either Beck or Moby on the front of all the Subway cars to identify that the “L” train to Brooklyn was for hipster transport only.

I guess now, with time being what it is, those young men and women with the complicated haircuts and ironic t-shirts are getting older and having kids of their own.  And thank goodness they are because the children’s stores there are really just so darn cool!!!! If you have not been, you must go.  Make a day of it as there are so many amazing shops and little places to eat.

Mini Jake – is kind of like the Brooklyn version of the popular Giggle chain. It’s a huge space filled with all things modern and cool — strollers, cribs, bedding, feeding stuff… you name it.  In a nutshell, it is a modern parents dream as it is chock full of all those eco-fashionable brands that they go gaga for (Oeuf, Stokke, Bloom etc;). The store also has a huge selection toys (think Plan Toys and Playmobil) and a book nook with all the classics.

Sweet William – an absolutely gorgeous store carrying brands that I simply can’t find anywhere else. I am obsessed with under the radar brands like Makie and Talc and they carry both. The well edited selection caters mainly to the younger set — newborn to 5 yrs and has the type of stuff that you will hold on to for years just because it’s all too beautiful to part with.  A perfect place for gifts for a newborn.

dressFlying Squirrel – One word:  GENIUS.   Flying Squirrel is a consignment shop for gently used kid’s clothes, gear and toys. I bought an amazing fleece jacket here in perfect condition for $10 dollars which retails for like $100. There is a small selection of new items as well but that is not the draw here. Although you have to sift through the racks a bit, all of the clothing that they carry is “higher-end” stuff in perfect condition. When I stop hoarding all my girls’ clothing I might go here to unload.

Smoochie Baby — Another lovely modern store with a well edited selection of clothes and shoes. I was happy to find the tunic top that Emilie wrote about here and it was on sale! I also picked up an adorable dress (pictured) from an Australian line that they carry there called LittleHorn. So cute right?



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March 12, 2010

March 12, 2010

Wow, those kids are cool! I would love to have a stroll through Williamsburg on a warm spring day, and visit all those sweet shops you described!

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