Nippaz with Attitude

NWA Scratch MitsI met the Reverend Ian about 9 years ago after I’d read an article about how Madonna’s son Rocco was wearing these scratch-mits from a new baby-wear brand he’d set up called Nippaz with Attitude (NWA).  I immediately fell in love with him (not like that! but he is seriously one of the nicest guys on the planet) and the brand.

The Rev is not your usual man of the church — he used to work in A&R (artist and repertoire) for an indie record label but had a background in graphic design.  As all his mates started to have kids he found it difficult to find really cool ‘new-baby’ gifts and so started to design some t-shirts and bibs.  It grew from there and since then Nippaz has gone from strength to strength.  The designs are reminiscent of record covers but have a great sense of humour — very much from the child’s perspective but playing with references familiar to grown-ups. We’ve all heard from our parents and probably said to our kids “it will end in tears” but when that is on a kid’s t-shirt as “its gonna end in tears” it’s somehow funny — that the child knows it already themselves!

I’m not usually a fan of slogan-tees but NWA always raises a smile.  Both my children have tickled me wearing their designs (as can be seen in the pics)! As a Dylan fan (my son’s middle name is Dylan!) “Time I need a changin'” was a must for us.

I always recommend Nippaz to my guy friends who are struggling over what to buy as a new baby or birthday present for their god-son, niece or friend’s child. But I don’t think Nippaz is just for boys — it’s for anyone with a youth spent watching bands or at festivals or even anyone who just enjoys a laugh.

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March 11, 2010

my husband would LOVE these – especially the hendrix and the ‘fight the power’ ones.

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