Finally — affordable maternity jeans

jeansIf you live anywhere but Australia you might be thinking, “what is she talking about?!”  But maternity clothes are SO expensive in Australia. I didn’t buy any maternity jeans while pregnant because I couldn’t justify forking out $200-plus. So I walked around in my regular hipster jeans with the top button undone, and I wore a long top.

Now, finally, a high-street brand has come out with a range of maternity jeans. THANK YOU Just Jeans, especially as they are going to retail for $89.95.

– Natalie


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Myrin Bruno
March 8, 2010

Try YIM jeans … Slightly more expensive, excellent quality and fit. Bought mine when we were living in OZ and I was pregnant with my first daughter (2006). Still love them now (am 34 weeks pregnant with girl n2). Excellent cotton quality, soft. Don’t fall down every 2 seconds. Don’t look like maternity jeans as they have the internal elastic/button system (like kids clothes) and are fantastic for a couple of months after the birth too as you can tighten them as your belly \deflates\ …

March 8, 2010

These look cool!
I’m now at a stage in my pregnancy where I prefer leggings — even maternity jeans are getting too tight (especially when I sit down)!
But a good maternity jeans is a definite must-have for every pregnant lady, and true, you don’t want to spend too much on them….

March 8, 2010

I’m from the UK originally and have been living in Brisbane for the past two years and I’m expecting my first child on Saturday.

After a long hot Brisbane summer so I haven’t needed any jeans. However I will be keeping Just Jeans in mind for the next one, if I happen to be pregnant though the colder months.

I’ve never been one to buy clothing online as it seems too much trouble to send back if its not the right fit, so an Aussie high street retailer stocking maternity jeans is a wonderful step forward for pregnant mothers. Thanks for the heads up.


March 13, 2010

That IS cool. JeansWest ones are also good, I wore the skinny maternity jeans all last Autumn and Winter (post preg as well!) and they are $60-$70 or something.

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