Bellachara, a blowhole and a big beach

DSC_1540When we planned our trip to Australia we purposely scheduled our campervan trip in the middle to allow for some down-time after the camping. We thought we would return to Sydney to spend three more weeks in the city, but unfortunately we weren’t very organized and by the time we set out to book accommodation there wasn’t a single room available in the entire city! (Apparently this past week was the busiest Sydney has been in more than two years — with several concerts and sporting events in town as well as the Mardi Gras festival.) So we were forced to look outside of Sydney… which is how we stumbled upon Bellachara — a really lovely boutique hotel two hours south of Sydney. The hotel was a lucky find — it is extremely kid-friendly with a playground and kid’s club, the rooms are equipped with kitchens and full-sized fridges, there’s a laundry room, a restaurant, a couple pools, etc… (I totally recommend it for families in Sydney who want a weekend away!) Plus, it’s a really beautiful area with green rolling hills and beautiful beaches. Here are some photos of the area…


We drove north to Kiama and paid a visit to the famous blowhole. When the water swells and the pressure builds in the rocks below, a giant spray of water shoots high into the air! It’s a good place to get good views of the coast as well.


We spent a day at the Seven Mile Beach, which is just that — seven miles of sand and surf. I think we were the only people on the beach that day so we had plenty of space to play frisbee!


We went out to the Illawara Rainforest Tree Top Walk which includes a 25 meter high elevated walkway to explore the rainforest from the very tippy top. We saw loads of colourful birds and got amazing views of the valley below.

blue bottles

We drove down to Jervis Bay to do some snorkeling in the marine sanctuary off Murrays Beach, but when we got there the whole beach was covered in these ‘Blue Bottles’ (also known as Portuguese Man O’ War jellyfish). I’ve never seen anything like it. Needless to say, we didn’t do any snorkeling…


This area is so, so green — it’s so different from how I imagined this country to be. I think this is what has surprised me most about Australia — just how lush it is (or at least the parts we’ve seen).

There is so much to do and see in this area and we’re really happy we ended up here. But mostly we are enjoying not having a schedule and just being able to spend time as a family. After the campervan trip it’s nice to just sit still.  Honestly, having nothing to do has never felt so good!

xoxo Courtney


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March 5, 2010

the hotel looks beautiful! what an amazing family holiday… your photos you’ve posted have been beautiful. i am dying to go now!

March 5, 2010

what lovely photos! we’re in noosa right now, a few weeks behind your family (not in a campervan though–saving that for new zealand!)–and envious of the sunshine as we’ve had nearly a week of nonstop rain, and I am getting low on stickers and art project ideas… we have some friends from jervis bay who rave about how lovely the area is. enjoy!

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