Whippet Grey

whippet grey sheepWhippet Grey began as a story-book, one full of enchanting objects … and that’s just the feeling you get when stepping onto the web pages of this online store.  Whippet Grey is a family-run business selling various curiosities for the home, garden, you & the kids.  With the departments sounding like chapter-headings; “Secret Garden” or “Curious Objects“, Whippet Grey is a lovely cyber-space to spend a coffee break.

I particularly like the “Children’s Den” split into 3 sub-chapters; Animal Kingdom, Budding Artist and Discovery Trail — there are some beautiful and different gifts for children of all ages.  I love this shaggy black sheep rocker (if only there was justification for another rocker!) and have just ordered these ‘play-shapes‘ for my son’s 3rd birthday — we are very into any good rainy-day activities and these not only fit the bill but are beautiful to boot!

Oh and also their sale just started — temptation just got a bit more tempting!

– Mo. x


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March 1, 2010

How have I never heard of this webshop?! I want one of everything.

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