Luna Ninos

wool-tree-bonnet-3Is this little girl not absolutely adorable? That face! That hat! The vest…! I could practically eat her up!  Luna Ninos is an Australian brand I discovered when my son was a baby. They design and knit their products in Melbourne without linking, sewing or seams… making their beanies and bonnetsbootiesbaby blankets and cardigans comfortable and lightweight. They use only the finest natural fibers — pure cotton or extrafine merino wool, and each season offer an array of delectable colours, from the more muted (mouse, spinach, bamboo…) to the very bright (aqua, rosa and tomato….). Luxurious yet practical — everything is machine-washable (fortunately as I have absolutely no patience for hand-washing!). I especially love their tree blankets — not only visually superb, but proceeds from their sale support the Wilderness Society of Australia, saving our beautiful old growth forests, which is a really good thing…

To view their stunning collection and for online orders, click here!



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February 26, 2010

Very cute!!

February 26, 2010

They also have really nice grown up stuff!

February 26, 2010

How rewarding to know that whilst you are enjoying the products, the environment is also benefitting. Lovely idea, businesses such as these are so worth supporting. They make you feel good when you purchase. Great idea!

March 18, 2010

Well..apparently this adorable little girl is actually an adorable ‘he’!
I met the owner of this wonderful brand at Magnolia Square today and she enlightened me! Such a pretty ‘he’…who would have known! x

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