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NYC-night-blueCheck out this YouTube video featuring Julie from Famille Summerbelle cutting out, by hand, her New York map. I saw it on the Famille Summerbelle website and could not resist writing about it. The whole thing took 20 hours to make, but don’t worry, the video only lasts 2 minutes. It is seriously insane to watch  — I personally would have sliced off the tip of my finger in the first minute….

I really like watching someone work with pen, paper and scaple instead of a computer, just like in the good old days.

I also have to say that I have a real soft spot for Julie’s work, especially her cut-out maps. They are lovely and full of  little details which are acute observations of the cities on the maps.

– Emilie


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February 26, 2010

that was amazing!

February 26, 2010

Yes, amazing. And beautiful!

February 26, 2010

I actually ordered a NY and London map after your write-up. I had them framed and they are stunning!!

February 26, 2010

What a video. I have to say this is some impressive work she did. I saw the video. What a crazy thing to attempt. kudos to her.


February 27, 2010

Everything Julie does is beautiful!

February 27, 2010

Seriously!! Julie, would you consider cutting Amsterdam???

February 10, 2011

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