Cool cards from Cocodot

cocodotHow superbly cute is this card?  I just sent it out for my son’s third birthday party (which will be this week, and still needs to planned completely).  Don’t you think it looks like the real thing?
Well, it’s not… not really.  I just discovered Cocodot, a wonderful source of the most gorgeous designs and, best of all, paperless for perfect simplicity and extreme eco-sensibility!
I must say I was always a bit skeptical about using e-mailed invites, but after having sent out my first one, I’m a convert.  Completely.
How extremely easy it is!  How perfect to keep track of the guest list and interact with the invitees!  How sweet are the designs!  How wonderful for an at-the-moment-not-very-organised, overworked mama…
The service is not free, but compared to paper mail it’s quite cheap, and the ease of creating, sending and planning your correspondence is great.  I’m planning to use it loads.

xxx Esther


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February 22, 2010

Esther – very, very cool! I have bookmarked it ready for my kids birthdays in September. I am guessing that one day this is how all invitations will be sent!

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