Balzac Cinema

doggoneTiredTitleMy kids love going to the cinema. The crowd, the sounds, the visual experience — a  promise to go to the cinema makes them get so excited they have difficulty sleeping the night before!

Luckily enough, here in Paris, the children’s cinema scene is huge, between the Forum des Images and several yearly children’s film festivals. Cinema is so much a part of the culture over here that the city organises screenings for school classes at least once a semester.

A great cinema event here on a Sunday is the monthly ‘Pochette Surprise’ event at the Balzac, an art house cinema off the Champs Elysees.  On show are a series of short classic films, some of them over 100 years old, mixed in with some classic Buster Keaton, Laurel and Hardy and some old-school Tex Avery animation shorts. Every short is silent and the whole programme is  accompanied by a musician, so even if you are completely anglophone, you will not miss out on anything… and to make it even better everyone gets a tub of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream!

– Emilie


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Julie R
February 20, 2010

how fun! buster keaton and laurel & hardy were some of my family’s favorites!! i definitely need to instill a love for them in my kids. 🙂

February 22, 2010

Have there been any recent/modern films for kids that you’ve loved? We LOVE watching movies at home and I’m always on the look out for movies appropriate for my sensitive 5 y.o. BigBoy. Would love to hear your favorites. Thanks!

February 22, 2010

Loads, I am a movie fanatic! I am really enjoying my kids getting older and seeing them enjoy movies, especially animation… I can highly recommend Kiki’s Delivery Service an Japanese animated movie. It’s a lovely story and beautifully animated. My other favourite is My Neighbour Totoro, my children and I can watch it again and again.
I have recently rediscovered the Aristocats, which is a really easy movie to watch without any real scary parts, compared to some other Disney films. There is a beautful French film called Azur and Asmar but I am not sure if it is being distrbuted in the US…

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