Suga Candy Kitchen

PPA320152118With Valentine’s Day approaching I am thinking that a trip to the Suga Candy Kitchen might be on the cards.  This lolly shop is my kids’ version of heaven.  What can be more exciting, more mesmerizing than handmade, delicious rock candy made right before your eyes (to be honest, I can think of many things but my kids, I’m sure, they can’t!). The lolliologists (highly trained lolly makers… really… I’m not kidding) stretch, pull and twist the hot molten candy, then chop it into jewel-sized bites. Yum! Fresh from the cooling slab they then generously hand out samples, and if you want to you can personalize your lollies with names or cute messages like ‘I love you’ and ‘you are sweet’ and ‘be mine’.
Oh….in case you were wondering, here in Australia we call a piece of what is called candy in the States, or sweets in the UK, as ‘lollies’.
It is a fun place to go and I seriously defy anyone, sugar devotee or otherwise, to leave without having bought a bag or jar of some type of hard rock confection… A great Valentine’s treat for the children or a loved one. For more mouth watering details and Suga Candy Kitchen locations click here.

– Sara


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February 11, 2010

This is so cool, I just watched the film, makes me want to go now! How long is the flight again ;-)?

February 11, 2010

Some time ago, I wrote a post about two aussies who own a candy shop in Barcelona. I love their shop. I don’t know them personally and don’t get any commission, I only think it’s very original. They have shops in some other cities now 🙂 Here, you can see two videos of their shop. Enjoy!

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