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lunch poemsI have to confess that I don’t usually do anything on Valentine’s Day. Many Australians cynically call it “Hallmark Day” — it’s pretty much seen as a commercial exercise. However, I am a romantic. So I thought I’d share a story about one of the best “gifts” I ever received…

One day I was sitting in a cafe waiting for my boyfriend to arrive. All of a sudden a man sat in the chair opposite and started talking to me. I was a little confused about what was happening. Perhaps he had mistaken me for someone else. Or maybe he was a little mad. But little by little I started to recognise the words he was speaking. They were from one of my favourite poems by American poet Frank O’ Hara. Now this was really weird. And then I realised. My boyfriend had been up to this mini performance. I started looking around for him. Sure enough: at the end of the poem he came into view. Smiling a big gummy grin. And I couldn’t stop laughing. All this, for me?

Yes, love can be grand. And has nothing to do with money – he asked an actor friend to recite the poem to me! I hope this inspires you… or your loved ones.

– Natalie


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Sara - Belgium
February 9, 2010

That is SUPER sweet and very creative!! GREAT story!! Thank you for sharing. Happy Hallmark Day!!

February 9, 2010

Positively delightful. I agree that Valentines day can be overly commercial.
Your little story warmed the cockles of my heart:)
Happy Valentines Day!

katie beaton
February 9, 2010

awe bless.

i have to confess i love all holidays and get carried away even though i work in marketing and know just how commercial it all is…i just can’t help myself!

that said, this year i have been inspired by the book “love letters of great men” and have decided to write my husband a love letter and post it the old fashioned way, for valentines day and for every day for the rest of the year.

i hope that they go some way to show how much i love my wonderful man all year and that they are kept for my children and theit children to read for years to come…

heres hoping 🙂

February 11, 2010

what a lovely story – did that boyfriend become your husband or at least is he still your boyfriend? He sounds like a keeper!

February 11, 2010

That is adorable. I wonder how I can psychically transfer that story into my hubby’s head so maybe he can dream up something just as poetic 😉


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