Something for the mommies….Lollia Bubble Bath

10rr_lgBubble Baths are considered a real treat at our house.  Lately, my girls seem to go suddenly deaf when I call them to come in for an evening bath, but when I mention that bubbles will be present… it’s party time!   That being said, I have spent countless dollars trying all sorts of “organic” and “all-natural” products from Whole Foods and the like… but to be honest, I really don’t like any of them.   The bubbles are totally lame, they don’t smell all that great and they are expensive to boot!  Look, my thought is… if you are going to take a bubble bath then you just have to make the commitment.  Mr. Bubble didn’t kill any of us and it’s all going to be ok.  I received this Lollia Bubble Bath as a gift and I absolutely love it — I mean, how cool that it’s in a wine bottle! A small quantity makes a ton of bubbles, it smells great without being too overpowering and my girls don’t come out covered in hives.  I would give this to a mommy in need in a heartbeat as it is great for the whole family and even better as a housewarming gift for a new mom!



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January 29, 2010

Wow, these bottles are beautiful! Will have to research where I can get them in Europe!

January 29, 2010

I don’t know this product, but it looks fantastic!

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